Verizon Outage Impacting 911

UPDATE::: Verizon has apparently got their network in the area working again and Assistant Chief Kim Tomlin said that everything is working fine with the 911 system.


The Verizon Wireless outages in Hope are, according to the Hope Police Department, interrupting 911 service from Verizon phones.

The outage is affecting Verizon customers across the state of Arkansas and, reportedly, Texas, and the company hasn’t given a timeline on when it will be restored.

Assistant Police Chief Kim Tomlin said that the issue is affecting 911 service in the Hempstead County area. Tomlin said that, at the time of publishing, 911 calls from Verizon serviced phones are not reaching the Hope/Hempstead County 911 call center. Tomlin advises the public to not rely on Verizon Wireless until the issue is resolved if you have an emergency. Tomlin said that if you need emergency service for the time being, call 911 via a landline, AT&T wireless or other carriers.

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