Virtual Friday’ Begins This Week at HPS

HOPE – The Hope Public Schools will begin its new “Virtual Friday” schedule on Nov. 6 this week.

 “Virtual Friday” will become a regular feature of the academic year through Dec. 18, at which time it will be evaluated by district administration.

“Virtual Friday” offers students an alternative and teachers flexibility.

Students who need assistance in core classes or are behind on assignment deadlines, or who are recommended by a teacher to be on campus on “Virtual Friday” should be in attendance on their campus.

Students who are progressing acceptably with grade-level core classwork and are current on all assignments, nor need instructional support may opt not to attend on campus on “Virtual Friday,” and can meet classes virtually.

Parents have been requested to contact their child’s school to determine whether their student will be on campus on “Virtual Friday.”

Other aspects of “Virtual Friday” include:

–Students can attend on-site if childcare is not available.

–Buses will cover regular routes and times.

–Breakfast and lunch meals will be provided on-site and for online students.

–Students not attending on-site on Friday will not be counted absent.

–No new learning concepts will be introduced on Fridays.

–OT/PT/Speech and other special services will remain available on-site.

–Virtual days already on the academic calendar, including Nov. 23-24, Feb. 15, and March 19, will not be changed.

The “Virtual Friday” concept was adopted by the Hope Public Schools Board of Education in its Oct. 19 meeting to provide a weekly “virtual instruction day” to accommodate teacher workloads outside of regular class days created by the bifurcated on-site/virtual system used because of the COVID-19 health crisis.

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