Virtual Learning Response Appreciated

Ken MClemore

HOPE – The pivot to a split between on-campus and online learning in the Hope Public Schools brought about by the COVID-19 health crisis has emphasized the changes brought to the roles of each stakeholder in public education, HPS Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hart said today.

HPS student progress reports are to be issued Sept. 30, which will give HPS administrators a snapshot of the academic impact of the bifurcated system.

“I want to thank all of our students, staff, and parents for the way they have tackled virtual learning,” Dr. Hart said. “Each have been patient, gracious, and compassionate as we all learn to work and learn in a new environment.”

With almost half of the some 2,200-plus students enrolled in the district opting for virtual classes through the Hope from Hope Virtual Academy, he said the change has created challenges.

“Those families who have chosen a virtual setting have taken on a ton of responsibility, and have responded well,” Hart said. “Virtual learning requires a commitment from all involved.”

All HPS students have been issued electronic devices for use in classes with the Lincoln Learning platform the primary curriculum for both on-campus and online studies. Course content and Lincoln Learning navigation videos have been produced by all six campuses and are accessible via each campus website at in the News section of the website.

“From student, parent, and teacher, virtual learning, while offering flexibility, forces each stakeholder to be dependent on the other for success,” Hart said.

He said many HPS teachers have taken on responsibilities beyond the regular school day to stay connected with students and ensure their understanding of the system and class content.

Hart said the HPS Board of Education has authorized a Virtual Learning Call Center to be operated through the HPS Technology Department to provide a central point of contact for parents who need help guiding their student(s) with virtual studies.

Campus principals also have begun planning for the first Parent/Teacher Conference date of the year on Oct. 29 with COVID-19 protocols in mind. Hart said use of virtual platforms such as Zoom meetings are likely to comprise most, if not all, campus Parent/Teacher sessions.

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