Watermelon Eating Contest Winners: Kids & Adults

The Watermelon Eating Contest had big winners today at the 45th Annual Watermelon Festival. After the three categories held their contests and proclaimed the winners, an overall contest was held to determine the Watermelon Eating Champion! Listed here are the winners of each category. (See pics below)

Ages 0 to 7
1st place -Asher Johnson
2nd place - William Sitze
3rd place - Grayson Baker

Ages 8 to 16
1st place - Aiden Cottrell
2nd place - Keicca Taylor
3rd - Jack Brown

Ages 17 & Up
1st place - Kimmy Burkhalter
2nd place - Bobby Nunley
3rd place - Betty Jones

Overall Champion
1st place Kimmy Burkhalter
2nd place - Aiden Cottrell
3rd place - Asher Johnson

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