Watermelon Festival Parade moves down Hope streets proudly despite grey skies

Watermelon Festival Pageant Contestant Isabella Wren waves during the Watermelon Festival Parade which took place Monday evening.

Twenty-five groups joined the Watermelon Festival Parade route Monday evening about 6:00 p.m. as pageant contestants, political campaigns, local businesses, police and fire departments and bicyclists showcased themselves down Hope’s streets.

The sounds of sirens from the Hope Police Department and Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office vehicles could be heard throughout the city, while as the parade moved forward, many cars and trucks played their own music to suit who they carried.

The grand marshals of the parade were last year’s winners of the Watermelon Festival pageants. In addition, many contestants for the August 9 pageant made appearances in this evening’s parade. The pageant will start Tuesday night at 6:00 pm in the Klipsch Auditorium in Hope City Hall.

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