Watermelon Weigh-off

2018 Winner of Watermelon Weigh-off at Old Washington Farmers Market



Josh Williams

On Saturday, September 4, the Old Washington Farmer’s Market will host an official watermelon weigh-off site for the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth in Washington, Arkansas. The Great Pumpkin Commonwealth provides official venues for growers to weigh several varieties of fruit and vegetables, including watermelons, across the country. They then give prizes for the largest weighed item of its type across the country.

This official weigh off event will be for watermelons ONLY. Prizes will be given out for the top three largest watermelons. First Place – $500, Second Place, — $300, and Third Place — $200.

A Youth category will also be added this year for watermelon growers that are 14 years of age and younger. Prizes for youth are as follows: First Place — $75, Second Place — $50, and Third Place — $25.

Only one official entry will be considered per farmer or team. Preregistration is not required for the event. The official weigh-off will begin around 11am.  The event is sponsored by the Old Washington Farmer’s Market and the Hope-Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce. The event will take place behind the City Hall of Washington, Arkansas across the street from Williams’ Tavern Restaurant of Historic Washington State Park. Masks will be recommended per Arkansas COVID Health guidelines. For more information on the weigh-off contact Josh Williams at 870-703-8256 or at [email protected].

In addition to the Watermelon Weigh-Off , the Old Washington Farmer’s Market  are encouraging other area farmers to come and sell any produce they may have. For more information to register as a vendor contact the market at [email protected].  

Washington, Arkansas is located on Hwy 278 West just eight miles north from Exit 30 at Hope on US Interstate 30.

Old Washington Watermelon Weigh-Off Stats

  1. Tony Prochaska (Simpson, KS) 225.7
  2. Jerry Lindley (Wynne, AR) 157.5
  3. Jeremy Lindley (Wynne, AR) 157.4
  4. Charles Bentley (Grant, AL) 272.3
  5. Steven Jackson (Spruce Pine, AL) 243.4
  6. Tony Prochaska (Simpson, KS) 224.9
  7. Steven Jackson (Spruce Pine, AL) 218.2
  8. Jeremy Lindley (Wynne, AR) 214.1
  9. Judy Burnthorn (Franklinton, LA) 191.5
  10. Jeremy Lindley (Wynne, AR) 291.4
  11. Becky Lindley (Wynne, AR) 253.4
  12. Lloyd Bright (Arkadelphia, AR) 237.7
  13. Spencer Glasgow (Bessemer, AL) 193.11
  14. Jeremy Lindley (Wynne, AR) 189.71
  15. Lloyd Bright (Arkadelphia, AR) 186.8
  16. Jeremy Lindley (Wynne, AR) 232.75
  17. Spencer Glasgow (Bessemer, AL) 224.66
  18. Mike Daniell (Arkadelphia, AR) 163.67
  19. Barbara Bright Jones (Bossier City, LA) 181.4
  20. Lloyd Bright (Arkadelphia, AR) 165.5
  21. Mike Daniell (Arkadelphia, AR) 121.9
  22. Barbara Bright Jones (Bossier City, LA) 196.3
  23. Lloyd Bright (Arkadelphia, AR) 191.3
  24. Mike Daniell (Arkadelphia, AR) 174.7
  25. Lloyd Bright (Arkadelphia, AR) 233.5
  26. David Cantrell (Corryton, TN) 223.5
  27. Barbara Bright Jones (Bossier City, LA) 205
  28. Jake Holloway (Bowden, GA) 209.75
  29. Lloyd Bright (Arkadelphia, AR) 181.75
  30. Barbara Bright Jones (Bossier City, LA) 155.5

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