Westerman Column: American Energy Dominance is Within Reach

This week, the House of Representatives passed historic, bipartisan legislation to lower energy costs for hardworking Americans. This bill puts American families and American workers first – and I’m proud that both Democrats and Republicans could realize how important that is for Congress to support. With the passage of H.R.1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, House Republicans are delivering on our promise to end President Biden’s war on American energy and create an economy that’s strong, resilient, and works for American families.

This common sense, science-based, landmark legislation will end the misguided war on American energy by restarting onshore and offshore leasing programs. It will incentivize domestic energy production, unlocking the resources we have here at home which are vital to our clean energy future. H.R. 1 will cut the red tape and modernize federal regulations that have inflicted decade-long permitting delays on critical energy infrastructure projects of all kinds. But most of all, it will lower energy costs for hardworking families and boost our economy.

Americans have suffered the consequences of the woke left’s misguided energy policies for far too long. The President’s misguided energy policies have increased costs for hardworking Americans and jeopardized our national security by making us more reliant on foreign adversaries like Russia and China. The Lower Energy Costs Act gets the federal government out of the way so American workers and American companies can lower costs for Americans, complete infrastructure projects faster and cheaper, and ensures the critical minerals we need for advanced technologies come from America, NOT our foreign adversaries. The American people can rest easy knowing that House Republicans have set the U.S. back on course to be a global leader in energy production.

As chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, I am proud to have played a central and critical role in developing and passing this historic legislation alongside House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair Sam Graves.

The Lower Energy Costs Act is a massive win for Americans everywhere, but it’s not over yet. It’s now in the hands of the Senate to take the reins and keep this critical legislation moving to the President’s desk. I’ve already spoken to many of my Senate counterparts about this legislation, and I’m optimistic. We have an incredible opportunity to continue working on a bicameral basis to get this bill signed into law.

Liberal Democrats’ war on American energy is coming to an end. We have the resources here at home to dominate in American energy production. This week, the House made a massive stride towards unleashing American energy independence once and for all. 

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