Woman Arrested, Two Teens Taken to Hospital Following Early Morning Rollover

A Little Rock woman was arrested following a rollover crash on I-30 while transporting two juvenile neighbors to Stamps early Tuesday morning.

According to the driver, Michelle Scheibner, of Little Rock, a 15-year-old juvenile neighbor asked her to give her and a 13-year-old juvenile female to Stamps. The three loaded up in a silver Jeep, apparently owned by someone Scheibner knows, with two dogs and started traveling south on I-30. Sometime before 3:50 a.m., Scheibner lost control of the Jeep and rolled it on the I-30 West exit ramp. Scheibner said that she wasn’t sure what happened. She said “her daughter” woke up and screamed and then they just started rolling. Scheibner said she was able to get out of the back window of the Jeep and help the others out.

The occupants then apparently made their way across the interstate to the eastbound ramps and made contact with a truck driver who was parked there overnight.

At around 3:50 a.m., Hempstead County Deputies, Arkansas State Police, ARDOT Highway Police, Fulton First Responders and Paffford EMS responded to the crash at the I-30 West Exit 18 ramp. They were informed that there was a woman entrapped in the vehicle and that one of the passengers was pregnant. Fulton Fire Department was the first on scene and located the occupants on the westbound side of the interstate. They were initially told by the three occupants that there was a fourth occupant who was driving and who ran off but this turned out to be false.

Two patrol units from the Hope Police Department was dispatched to respond to the crash since they were closest and it was going to take Deputies and the Trooper some time to get on scene. the officers made contact with the occupants of the vehicle and began the initial inquiry until deputies arrived on scene.

Schreibner was apparently uninjured but Pafford did transport the two juveniles to Wadley Regional Medical Center in Hope with minor injuries.

Trooper Antoni May arrived on scene and requested the deputies transport Schreibner to the scene of the crash. After his initial interview with Schreibner, Trooper May had her perform a field sobriety test. Schreibner reportedly was below the limit but an open container was found at the crash scene, Schreibner’s license was apparently suspended and the plates on the Jeep returned to a black van. Trooper May placed Schreibner under arrest for drinking on the highway and careless and prohibited driving but she may face other charges as well.

The dogs were transported to the Hope Animal Shelter.

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