“Wrap it in Red” Takes off

The Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce “Wrap it in Red” campaign has taken hold all over town. Red Ribbons adorn the doors of many many businesses celebrating, ahead of time, the day when this pandemic is all behind us. Simultaneously creating a bond, a union of support between small and big businesses alike.

The color red represents energy, strength, determination and a call to action. The Chamber made that call to action to all businesses and neighborhoods on March 24, 2020 in a press release and in just a few short days, red ribbons were being placed and continue to be placed on closed doors and homes all over Hempstead County.

“There will come a day when doors are no longer closed, when we can walk inside our well-loved local businesses and restaurants, when we can see our friends and neighbors on the streets and run over and give them a hug, when doors of churches are wide open to come inside and sit as close as possible in worship and thank those who are on the front lines as they protect us because that is what they are called to do.. YES, that day will come!” Beckie Moore, Director of Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce said eloquently in the press release.

When a new business opens in our community, we celebrate by holding a ribbon cutting. The idea is that when this is all over we can once again cut those big red ribbons here in Hempstead County and celebrate moving forward. Better, stronger, together.

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