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YMS Project Funded

Ken McLemore

HOPE – The Donors Chose program has announced the completion of funding for a project at Yerger Middle School.

The “Bobcats Hit the Books” project submitted by YMS EAST program teacher Melinda Strike has been completely funded, according to the announcement by Donors Choose.

“Our team has vetted and fulfilled over 1.7 million classroom project requests that range from butterfly cocoons to robotics kits to books with diverse characters,” the Donors Chose website notes. “Many of us are former teachers, so our operation feels like a cross between a startup and a schoolhouse.”

Strike’s classes have been funded to receive books, graphics materials and digital accessories for the project.

Classroom projects are catalogued through Donors Choose for selection by individuals, corporations, civic organizations or other funding entities who contribute to the completion of the funding need for a particular project. Once fully funded, all materials and equipment for the project are purchased by Donors Choose and shipped directly to the teacher whose classroom they will benefit.

Begun in 2000 by a New York public school teacher who created a website for teachers to post classroom projects for donations online, Donors Choose now serves public schools nationwide.

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