YMS Students ‘Walk Across Arkansas’

Yerger Middle School students take advantage of good weather to get in walking time in the Walk Across Arkansas personal exercise challenge ongoing through Nov. 23, and sponsored through the Hempstead County Extension Service office. – Hope Public Schools

HOPE – Students in two classes at Yerger Middle School are in the home stretch of an eight-week walking exercise program designed to teach the value of walking exercise.

The Walk Across Arkansas campaign is a project of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Extension Service’s Family and Consumer Sciences program. Hempstead County Extension Agent Terrie James chairs the county office and is directing the program in collaboration with YMS campus nurse Marcia Widel, RN, and teachers Melinda Strike and Earlene Gulley.

“Walking is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to get fit,” Widel said. “Walk Across Arkansas is an eight-week exercise campaign where you and your team set personal goals for physical activity and try to meet them, with a little help from your friends.”

Teams record walking time each day with the goal of a minimum of 10 minutes per day, but any type of physical activity which increases the heart rate or “breaks a sweat” for at least 10 consecutive minutes is counted.

YMS students participating include Tymesha Armstrong, Maria Baizabal, Anais Esparza, Isabella Garcia, Charity Hopson, Justin Jaggars, Cynthia Vargas, Brennon Vines, Warren Wiley, Emily Morris, and Landon Brooks.

The campaign concludes Nov. 23.

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