Young Gardeners Bringing in the Green


Local vendor Jason Bolls, 40, of Prescott says that he became a lover of growing and selling fresh fruits and vegetables  because he is passionate about the health of the people around him.

When asked why a young man like himself wanted to spend time working a garden he replied, “ To improve American health.”

He said that it seems those between the ages of 50 and 60 have illnesses and declining health when they should be in the prime of life.

Bolls said it is due to “what people are consuming.”

“ At ages 50 to 60 years  we should be in our prime, but we are diseased or going downhill,” Bolls said.

“ I wholeheartedly believe in the power of plants. But it’s not really what I believe, it’s the facts,” he said.

Bolls said as a child he worked alongside his grandparents gardening.

“I worked and learned from them as a child but have had my own garden since I was 21.” People living naturally really do not get as sick. They are happier and healthier,” Bolls added.

Another young plant lover Andrea Rubio, 26, of Hope grows mainly house plants.

“ I grow house plants, herbs, and flowers,” Rubio said. She also makes macrame plant hangers, book marks, and decorates jars.

She as did Bolls learned about green thumbs at home as a small child.

“ I’ve always been into plants. My mom was a big plant person and as part of my chores  I would dust and water the plants,  or weed the garden. It’s just one thing I’ve always enjoyed doing.”


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