Thu December 07, 2023

By April Lovette

Avery Bazzelle crowned BHS Homecoming Queen; Powell and Glenn named Mr. and Miss BHS
In a gym overflowing with proud parents, exuberant family supporters, and spirited students, Blevins High School held the 2023 Homecoming Ceremony today. Avery Bazelle was crowned Queen. She and the rest of the court were escorted by basketball players to be presented to the crowd. Queen, court, and escorts all displayed glittering smiles for the happy occasion. Also during the ceremony, Mr. and Miss BHS were presented to the audience: Rylee Powell and Marcasja Glenn. Another ceremony will be held later this evening where Queen and court will be escorted by family members. The full 2023 Blevins Homecoming Court is listed below. 

Maid of Honor: Takeyla Williamson

Senior Maid: Laura Cantu

Junior Maid: Olivia Speech

Sophomore Maid: Bailey Jackson

Freshman Maid Anaysha Paden

Eight Grade Maid: Kentana Williamson

Seventh Grade Maid: Emillie Faulkner

Basketball Maid Audrey Lovette

Mr BHS: Rylee Powell

Miss BHS Marcasja Glenn 

Attendants: Marlee J, Samora Lopez, Ayden Boyce


Kaden Johnson

Kayston Phillips

Jaxon Hinton

Killis Woodruff

Evan Rodriguez

Javier Gomez

Jackson Bonner

DeCameron Brown

Xavier Bazzelle

Rylee Powell