Courthouse officials and staff honored at Retirement Celebration & Community Coffee

There was standing room only at the Nevada County Courthouse this morning during the Retirement Celebration & Community Coffee which honored courthouse elected officials and staff who are retiring this year: Mark Glass, Julie Oliver, Billy Loe, and Lisa Loe. In addition to the festive decor celebrating the upcoming Christmas holiday, the foyer and courtroom were filled with photos and memorabilia depicting their years of service, as well as a considerable spread of food, drink, and all manner of tasty treats for guests to enjoy.

Cherie Wilson introduced the honorees and shared kind words on their years of service, awards, and accolades, plus presented each one with a plaque while expressing how much these soon-to-be retirees would be missed at the courthouse. Lisa Loe could not be present, but her assistant accepted the plaque on her behalf.

Mark Glass told the audience that he enjoyed his twelve years as Nevada County Judge and recognized his two oldest boys who were in attendance as he reminisced on how much they had grown during his tenure. He then expressed appreciation to everyone at the reception. County Clerk Julie Oliver shared the story of how she first came to run for her office and then commended her office staff, Billy Loe and Cherie Wilson. "I've had two of the best employees a person could ask for," Oliver said. "One is like my mother and one of them is like my sister.... I don't know in two weeks what I'll do when I don't see them everyday." Oliver then thanked the many who assisted in her 30-year tenure at the courthouse, plus those who planned the reception, and concluded by saying she had enjoyed her years of service.

In a separate interview, SWARK.Today asked the honorees how they were feeling about retirement and what they were most looking forward to as they entered this next chapter. Billy Loe said, "I have mixed feelings about retiring. When you've worked for 47 years, it is going to be different when you don't. I think I'll probably stay on the road a lot and take trips."

Glass said, "It's been 12 years and I have enjoyed it, but sometimes change is good. I'm going to work on the family farm, so I'm most looking forward to that and spending more time with my kids."

Oliver said, "I think I'm going to most enjoy seeing more people in the community and spending time with them. I'd like to visit the nursing home, help others who need to get to their doctor's appointments, and maybe join some clubs or groups. I still want to be able to help people, just in a different way."

Glass, Loe, and Oliver will begin their retirement at the start of the new year.