Thu July 13, 2023

By Shelly B Short

Great turn out at ribbon cutting for Trina's Diner

The Prescott Nevada Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for Trina's Diner, located at 221 Holly Street in Prescott this morning. A huge crowd turned out to celebrate the special occasion with owner, Catrena Tidwell. Samples of tasty home cooking were laid out on tables throughout the eatery; salads, mac and cheese and a Fusilli Pasta dish, just to name a few. A beautifully decorated cake was also served to attendees with sweet tea to wash it all down.

Executive Director of the Prescott Nevada County Chamber of Commerce, Jamie Hillery kicked things off before the ceremony, "I want to thank you all for coming out this morning. We are very excited to have our ribbon cutting for Miss Catrena for Trina's Diner. As you can tell from everyone in this room and you come to ribbon cuttings often, then you know that this is very well attended," Hillery said.

She went on to say to Tidwell, "You are very loved and supported by this community. We have just recently built a friendship while planning and opening this diner so I am proud of you. You have put a lot of hard work and time into this diner and you obviously have the support of the community on your side. Congratulations and welcome"

Mayor Terry Oliver spoke next, "This is like a homecoming for Julie and I. I spent twenty-seven years in this building and all the business owners know that you're married to that business. I came in here last Sunday, got some food and all three plates we got were delicious. I want to encourage you all to continue to support this Prescott owned business, especially on this end of town," Oliver said.

Owner of Trina's Diner, Catrena Tidwell, said a few words filled with emotion, "First I want to give all praise to God because without him, I wouldn't be standing here right now. Thank you all for coming out today and supporting me. Y'all know this is what I love to do and I'm gonna do it so y'all keep praying and pushing for me because, I am here to do this."

After the ribbon was cut, Tidwell spoke with SWARK.Today about her excitement, "As you can tell, I am very emotional but I am very excited. This is my passion. I am going to be serving soul food, I will have soul food Sunday, every Sunday. I have been in the kitchen since I was eight years old with my momma so I grew up in there with her and I know this is my passion," Tidwell said.

The diner is a quaint place with rows of booths that one can sit to enjoy delicious meals with a 'touch of soul' and friendly service. They will be serving daily lunch specials, wings, salads and more. Be sure to stop by and grab a plate! You can reach Trina's Diner at 870-331-1301.