Wed April 10, 2024

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Hope High Students Help Collect Eclipse Data

Hps Hope High School Collect Eclipse Data
Hope High Students Help Collect Eclipse Data
HOPE, AR - April 9, 2024 - Technology Student Association and Robotics students, Ramsey Beck (pictured left), Ivy Crisp (pictured right), and their teachers volunteered to help Dr. Slaton from UCA collect data on the Solar Eclipse. The students collected the luminosity and temperature of the sun from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Ramsey said, "We collected the data from a breadboard Raspberry pi device provided by the college." He also shared,  "Dr. Slaton is creating graphs and scatter plots of the changes in luminosity and other factors due to the solar eclipse." The students aren't sure whether Dr. Slaton's findings through analysis of the data will be shared directly back to them or not. Either way, Ramsey said, "I looked at the information that we've gathered. I found it to be pretty fun, as I am a person that loves to look at statistics." Thanks to Kathy Knight for the photo and information.

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