Hope's Scout Troop 5 participates in DeGray Lake Fun on the Water Campout
by Lester Sitzes

Scout Troop 5 of Hope recently went on their annual DeGray Lake Fun on the
Water Campout.  Boats were provided by Dr. Donald Sitzes, Donnie Golden and
Ed Flagg. Activities included tubing, swimming, water skiing and having lots
of fun.  

The Scouts and Donnie Golden did the cooking which featured
pancakes, breakfast burritos,  pork tenderloins, ribs and hot dogs. Desserts
were cobblers, banana pudding and a birthday cake for Robert Wright and Dr.
Donald Sitzes. 

The Troop camped at the Ouachita Foundation Ross-Rhodes Reservation on
DeGray Lake near Bismarck.

The Scouts were led by Senior Patrol Leader D'Aunna Golden, Assistant Senior
Patrol Leader Mary Martinez, Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Emma Wright and
Scoutmaster Karen Smith.  Also attending were: Drake Mathis, Riley Golden,
Logan Flagg, Melody Martinez, Hannah Flagg, Dakota Greer, Mickey Golden,
Harper McMahan, Forrest Flagg, John Flagg, Madi Comer, Kianna Martin, Collie
Crawford, Jerrilynn Golden, Makenna Crawford, Joe Flagg,  Kody O'Brien,
Amanda Greer, Donnie Golden, William Greer, Dr. Donald Sitzes and Dr. Lester
Sitzes.  Also attending were Roy and Martha Golden, Lauri Mathis, Robert and Betty Wright and Sue

Chuck Eldridge sponsored the food and supplies.