Radiant Memories at Heather Manor Community Coffee
Heather Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation hosted the Community Coffee at their facility this morning and many locals were there to mingle. 

A decadent spread of breakfast foods, sandwiches, a tasty spaghetti dish, meat & cheese plates with crackers plus cool, sweet refreshments like fruits & berries, veggies with ranch dip, a variety of nuts and fresh lemonade. Attendees enjoyed sampling the feast while visiting with others in the community. 

Several Heather Manor Staff were in attendance, socializing with guests and talking about National Nursing Home Week and their mission. This year’s theme, Radiant Memories: A Tribute to the Golden Age of Radio, was inspired by music, stories, and news that captivated audiences over the airwaves.

Cassie Clayton, Activities Director at Heather Manor, said, "We are hosting the community coffee today in observance of National Nursing Home Week. Our theme is Radiant Memories. In honor of this theme, we are incorporating several musical performances. Piney Groves & Friends came Monday to play and another gentleman from Louisiana will be here on Friday. Both share their musical talents with the residents who absolutely love the experience. We are proud to be able to host this coffee to share what we offer at Heather Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation with our community."

Executive Director of the Hope Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce, Christy Burns was in attendance and said, "As a former staff member here at Heather Manor, I can tell you it is absolutely a great place to work, with great staff. The residents are happy and well taken care of by all. I am grateful to still be able to visit on days like today in my new career capacity. I love the theme and am so proud of the work they do here at Heather Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation."