Sun September 17, 2023

By Jeff Smithpeters

Melelina McRoy Miss Nevada County; R'Moni Jamerson Junior Miss at 2023 pageant
Above photo: Winners from the evening pageant were (from left) Miss Junior Nevada County R'Moni Jamerson, Miss Nevada County Melelina McRoy, Pre-teen Miss Nevada County Claire Laughard and Young Miss Nevada County Mari Wren.

The Nevada County Fair Pageant began in mid-morning with the younger contestants.  After a noon break, the pageant resumed in early evening with the teen and young adult contestants.  By 7:00 p.m,  winners were crowned in ten categories.

The climax of the evening was the naming of Melelina McRoy, a Prescott High Senior with an interest in pursuing biology at Southern Arkansas University, where her win will net her a $2,000 scholarship. After the pageant, she said that when her name was called she felt a sense of what holding the title meant: "I'm so honored that I got crowned Miss Nevada County and I cannot wait for what the future holds, you know, to help out the community and do all this. You know, this is such an honor in such a big title. And I'm so glad that I get to live up to the expectations."

As for what it took to compete and to win, McRoy answered, "Finding the dress, doing the hair. It was something new, but I had so much fun, and I liked to be all with all the girls and supported. It's such a lucky thing that I got to do and experience."

The Junior Miss Nevada County winner, R'Moni Jamerson, said her part in the event took some key ingredients. "It took a lot of practice, courage and just just doing it. Honestly, it took a lot of just doing it. It was really fun. I enjoyed it." Jamerson is a Prescott High student whose favorite class is Language Arts.

The outgoing Miss Nevada County, Kendall Sands, reflected on what her past year has been like, especially competing in the State Fair Pageant in Little Rock. "I got to meet a lot of great people, and spent a lot of time with them. But it was also great to be able to compete and represent my county that has lifted me up."

2023 Miss Nevada County Contestants with titles awarded:

Miss Nevada County

Melelina McRoy Winner, Spirit of the Pageant Award, Best Dressed, Interview Award 

Chloe Grimes 

Kennedy McKillion, First Runner-up 

Janae Smith Miss Congeniality 

Junior Miss Nevada County Contestants 

Bennu Babacan Best dressed 

Dacey Faulkner Most Photogenic, Second Runner-up 

R'Moni Jamerson Winner, Interview winner 

Pre-teen Miss Nevada Contestants 

Claire Laughard Winner 

Addie Ridling Best Dressed, Miss Photogenic, First Runner-up 

Young Miss Nevada County 

Averie Jackson 

Kinsleigh Lester Best Dressed, First Runner-up 

Brooklyn O'Neal 

Chloe Randolph 

Mari Wren Winner, Miss Photogenic 

Petite Miss Nevada County 

Kalli Lewis Winner 

Jordan Burton Best Dressed, Most Photogenic, First Runner-up 

Little Miss Nevada County 

Aliza Thompson Winner, Best Dressed 

Amaya Burton First Runner-up 

Maddux Palmore Most Photogenic, Second Runner-up 

Tiny Miss Nevada County 

Maggie Beth Wright Winner, Best Dressed, Most Photogenic 

Toddler Miss Nevada County 

Mylee Adams Winner, Most Photogenic 

Ja'Live Glass, Best Dressed, First Runner-up 

Baby Miss Nevada County

Zoie Hicks Winner, Best Dressed, Most Photogenic 

Maylee McCauley People’s Choice 

Jai'Loni Moss First Runner-up 

Whittyn Pennington 

Infant Miss Nevada County 

Janae Burton Winner, Best Dressed, Most Photogenic 

Bri Elle Munn First Runner-up 

Nor'Monie Brandon, Second Runner-up