Tue June 04, 2024

By Press Release

Hempstead County Courthouse to Observe Juneteenth
Hempstead County's trash route for Wednesday, June 19 and Thursday, June 20, 2024,  will be collected on Thursday, June 20.  Please have it out by 7:00 AM.


WHEREAS, all employees in Hempstead County shall observe Juneteenth as a holiday;

WHEREAS, Hempstead County recognizes the importance of this holiday to all of the
county employees; and,

WHEREAS, Hempstead County Courthouse Offices, Hempstead County Shop and other
county office will be closed; and

WHEREAS, all Hempstead County Employees will be paid for the holiday; and,
WHEREAS, The Hempstead County Judge has declared June 19th, 2024 as an official
County Holiday for the year 2024; and,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jerry T. Crane, Hempstead County Judge, do hereby recognize
June 19, 2024 as a Hempstead County Holiday for the year 2024.

In witness whereof I set my hand and
Cause the seal of this County to be affixed.

Jerry Crane
Hempstead County Judge
This 4th day of June 2024.

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