Mon June 10, 2024

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Hempstead County JUNETEENTH 2024 Receives Statewide designation

Juneteenth 2024 Hempstead Co Statewide Designation
Hempstead County JUNETEENTH 2024 Receives Statewide designation
Opportunity for Arkansans to come together, reflect on the past, and celebrate progress

Hope, Arkansas, June 2024 – Visibility Outreach Touch Engage (VOTE South Arkansas) is excited to share Mosaic Templars Cultural Center whose motto is “Arkansas Black History lives here” has selected the Hempstead County Juneteenth Celebration as one of its Juneteenth in Da Rock affiliate partners for the second year! View the list of affiliate events at

According to Mosaic Templars Cultural Center curator Courtney Bradford, “Arkansas history is a tapestry made up of all our experiences. Our pasts are intertwined and so is our present. We want to celebrate the fact that Black history is woven into the fabric of not only Arkansas history but American history.” Juneteenth in Da Rock is in its 15th year and showcases the resilience, strength, and vibrancy of the African American community in Little Rock and around the state of Arkansas. Its affiliate program has expanded in the last few years.
The third annual Hempstead County Juneteenth Celebration festivities are scheduled Friday, June 14-Sunday, June 16. Persons and organizations interested in joining the parade or vending can register at

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