Thu January 23, 2020

By Jesse Evans


HHS Lock-Down Lifted Following Possible Threat

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HHS Lock-Down Lifted Following Possible Threat

UPDATE:: 11:33 a.m.:

According to a release from Ken McLemore with the Hope Public School District, Hope High School was placed on lock-down this morning as a precautionary response to an external threat.

HHS Principal Bill Hoglund said the lock-down lasted approximately an hour.

“We received a threat from outside that affected this campus,” Hoglund said. “In an abundance of caution, we immediately went into lock-down and remained until the Hope Police Department could give us an all clear.”

Hoglund said all HHS students remained safe during the lockdown.

“All students are safe and have returned to their regular classes,” he said. “We want to thank the Hope Police Department for investigating this threat.”

Hope Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hart commended campus teachers, staff and administrators at all five Hope Public Schools campuses.

“We appreciate the Hope Police Department’s quick response to this external threat,” Dr. Hart said. “I also want to thank the students, teachers, staff and administrators at Hope High School and each of our campuses, and our district staff for their response during this situation.”

UPDATE:: 10:54 a.m.: According to a posted response by Hope Schools Superintendent Bobby Hart, the HHS campus in now off of lock-down and all is clear.

We will update with further information as we are able to get confirmation.

According to Hope Schools Superintendent Bobby Hart, a threat was made and the Hope High School campus currently remains on lock-down while HPD investigates but they do not believe an imminent threat exists.

HPD Assistant Chief Kim Tomlin said that police are speaking to everyone involved in a previous fight among some students that resulted in possible texts and social media posts that could be taken as a threat and are keeping the high school campus on lock-down while they are investigating. Tomlin said they are doing everything to make absolutely sure that students are safe, thus keeping the campus locked down for the time being, but do not believe the situation poses an imminent danger to students.

A statement from the school is expected shortly. We will update with further information as it is made available.