Pafford provides hospitality at Hope Farmers Market
Pafford Medical Services joined the Hope Farmers Market downtown at the Hub this morning to provide market patrons with sweet treats and refreshments, as well as information about an annual membership service. 

Pafford Membership Coordinator Kristie Lang said she was excited to share with local residents a valuable service that Pafford offers the community. "We wanted to host today so we could be accessible to members of the community and let them know that we are the ambulance provider here in Hempstead County; plus, we want to get the word out about the annual membership program we offer" Lang said. "With this program, if any emergent transport is needed, we take the amount your insurance company provides as payment in full,  and that includes any co-pay or deductible that is passed on to the patient." Lang said this membership is $60 annually and covers the member, a spouse, and any children in the home under the age 25. More info about Pafford's membership program can be found at [email protected]

Also in attendance at the market today were Arnold Farms, Silvey Farms, Reynolds Farm, Papa's Honey, and Young Sprouts. Farm on the Hill was also present with locally-raised fresh beef. Today marks the last official market day of the season. Market Manager Deanna Gilbert said farmers and vendors are welcome to come and set up with their wares if they still have and products left, but today was the last day of the year to have a local businesses and community organizations serve as hosts