Thu March 28, 2024

By April Lovette


Tons of prize-hunting fun at the City of Hope Easter Egg Hunt

City Of Hope Easster Egg Hunt Summer Chambers
Tons of prize-hunting fun at the City of Hope Easter Egg Hunt
If you happened to be near the corner of Spring Hill Road and 16th Street this evening, then, no, that was not the Energizer Bunny you saw zooming across Kelly Fields. It was the Easter Bunny, who was joined by some super excited local youth, and those kiddos did not waste time racing across the complex, each of them wishing and hoping that he or she would be the one to find one of the coveted prize eggs!

It happened so fast that it was actually a blur. So many kids were running, hopping, and sprinting back and forth to search for eggs that one hardly knew where to look. Only when the occasional Easter basket hit the ground, spilling all of its pastel treasures, did an exuberant youth slow down long enough so that this reporter could snap a pic or two. But once those prizes were gathered back up safely again, then said kiddo disappeared once more. 

Before SWARK.Today could make one solid round around the complex, the entire event was over. Only the echoes of joyous laughter and delighted squeals remained. However, we caught up to a few youngsters at the front of the park where they were claiming their prizes and resting for a brief (very brief) moment to get a photo op with their favorite cheery cottontail. Lyla, Alex, Zyaire (all 7 years old) and Arron (4) all said they were excited to be one of the kids who found prize eggs.  

Parks and Rec Director Summer Chambers said the City of Hope purchased 4,000 eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt with the goal of giving local children and families a fun yet safe Easter holiday activity. If the happy faces of the community's children were anything to go by, then it is safe to say … mission accomplished.