Runoffs to be held Tuesday between Bradford, Henley for state representative; Bailey, Irizarry for Nevada County JP; Thornton, Gamble in Mineral Springs
Both Hempstead and Nevada Counties are holding runoff elections and will count their ballots after polls close tomorrow, Tuesday April 2nd.  Today is the last day in both counties for early voting, which can be done at each county’s courthouses. 

On the ballot in Hempstead County, Republican, non-partisan and nonvoters in the March primary will decide who wins the runoff in the Arkansas House District 88 race between Dolly Henley and Arnetta Bradford.  In Mineral Springs School District Zone 3, all registered voters who reside in that zone can choose in a runoff between Kay Thornton and Ricky Gamble. 

As Hempstead County Clerk/Elections Coordinator Karen Smith explained, crossover voting, in which a primary voter who previously voted in the Democratic primary attempts to vote in the Republican one, is illegal. Only those who previously voted in the Republican primary, voted nonpartisan or did not vote at all in the March primary are allowed to cast a vote in the House District 88 runoff. In the Mineral Springs school board runoff, any registered voter is allowed to vote. 

In Nevada County, according to County Clerk Tammie Rose, the only runoff is for Justice of the Peace in the Nevada County Quorum Court’s District 7 between incumbent Kenneth Bailey and challenger Regina Irizarry. Like the District 88 race in Hempstead County, only Republican, non-partisan and nonvoters in the March primary can cast a vote in the District 7 JP race.

A runoff in the nonpartisan district judge’s race between Dana Stone and Bryce Montgomery will be settled Tuesday, November 5th. 

SWARK.Today will report both counties’ runoff results as soon as they are received.