Wed July 10, 2024

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Update: 07/10/2024: Bruce Cockrell on the Charges of Capital Murder and Arson

Bruce Cockrell Hempstead Co Sheriff Department Capital Murder Charged
 Update: 07/10/2024:  Bruce Cockrell on the Charges of Capital Murder and Arson
Correction on Address of Incident; The correct address where the incident took place was 114 Hempstead 1530 Fulton, it was reported yesterday that the incident occurred at 114 Hempstead 1513 which was incorrect.
On July 8, 2024 at approximately 8:41 PM, Deputy Kyle Malone and Sergeant Derick Bunn were dispatched to a structure fire at 5045 Highway 67 West. Dispatch advised that a neighbor called stating that his neighbor's residence was on fire, and that the female who lived there had been burned.Upon arrival Deputy Malone and Sgt. Bunn observed that the fire was actually located at 114 Hempstead 1530. Deputy Malone was advised by Fulton Volunteer Fire Fighter Clay Antley that the female had second and third degree burns all over her body. Deputy Malone then observed that the female later identified as Tonya Cockrell age 35 was burned on what appeared to be 100 percent of her body. Pafford EMS then arrived and transported Ms. Cockrell to Christus St. Michael's in Texarkana, Texas. She was later transported to Arkansas Children’s Hospital Burn Unit where she is in critical condition.Upon further investigation deputies received information from a nurse at St. Michael's ER stating that Ms. Cockrell told them that her husband Bruce was hitting her and punching her, and telling how her ugly she was, and then he poured gasoline on her and set her on fire".On July 9, 2024 at approximately 11:00 am, The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Investigators were informed by the Pulaski County Coroner’s Office that the victim in this case Tonya Cockrell age 35 had passed away at the Burn unit of Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. Ms. Cockrells body was transported to the Arkansas State Crime Medical Examiner’s office for an autopsy.  Captain Justin Crane who is in charge of the investigation has prepared affidavits and a warrant of Arrest for Bruce Cockrell on the Charges of Capital Murder and Arson. The affidavit and arrest warrant were signed by Circuit Judge Duncan Culpepper today July 10, 2024. Bruce Cockrell appeared before Judge Culpepper at 2:45 pm today and was ordered held without bond.